Who we are

A little brief about us

JiangYin WuYang Chemical Co., Ltd was established in 1994 and headquartered in Zhutang Town, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province. Covering an area of 8000 SQM and with storage capacity of more than 2000 cubic meters, Wuyang Chemical is one of the most influential companies specializing in solvent oil in east China.

We offer a comprehensive range of quality products, including high purity N-paraffin, Iso-paraffin such as N-Hexane、N-Heptane、N-Octane、Iso-hexane, Iso-octane, N-Octane and other environmental hydrocarbon cleaning oils. Most importantly, we customize our products according to your special parameter request including distillation ranges, purity, sulfur content, aromatic content etc.





Why choose us

our service


We have self-owned transportation team, comprised of tank trucks of various capacity from 6-30 metric tons and standard trucks for drum-packed solvents. The team ensures both prompt delivery and quality preservation of product.

Filling and packing service

If you want bulk shipping (Iso-tank or Flexi-tank), we supply products in bulk. If you prefer product with packing, we have our own filling stage and we will pack the products with qualified drums or IBCs.

Product analysis and matching

With a well equipped product analysis center, we help analyze your current product sample and provide best matches with more economic costs.

After sales services

We are happy to provide pre-sales consultation/recommendation, application adjustments advises and after sales support. As an expert and industry leader in production and distribution of solvents.we have end customers in various industries and thus familiar with requirement in different fields. If you purchase from us, you have our full technical background as your backup.


Due to the products variety and their special transportation requirements, exporting solvents could be prolonged in their procedure. We are quite experience in this regard and already had customers in many countries worldwide.